Mignon Grabois can knock you over with a note. The Texas native is soft-spoken, but not meek. Her song "Followin' the Beat" shows off her strong vocals as well as the abstract songwriting she embraces. It's a love song with remarkable depth.

Grabois jokes that "Followin' the Beat" is probably her weirdest song, but she also knows it's one of her best. In art and life, different is good. On Thursday you'll learn how she differentiated herself early on, and why her parents felt strong enough about her talents to relocate the family of six to Nashville. Today, enjoy this mid-tempo folk-country song about chasing down the love that got away.

“It’s kind of a metaphor,” Grabois tells Taste of Country of "Followin' the Beat." “She’s following the beat of his heart. Chasing after him, then when she finds him she’s gonna apologize.”

“Messed up, fessed up, some things I didn’t mean / Now you’re too gone, and I’m too wrong / Too late for apologies / I remember the sound of the pounding in your chest / Now it goes on and on that boom boom in my head," the Belmont University senior sings to open the song during this acoustic version, performed live at a recent Song Suffragettes round.

“Me and my friend Charley (Woods), we write very abstract sometimes, so 'Followin’ the Beat' is about this couple that is broken up and the girl realizes that it’s her fault … and she wants the guy back.”

Grabois wrote the song when she was 18 years old and plays it often during the Monday night Song Suffragettes songwriter's round at the Listening Room. She was chosen as July's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist for her pure talent, controlled drive and common sense perspective about the music business and the career that will begin the day after she graduates next May.

“I’m so lost, gotta listen to that distant rhythm / I’m lost, yeah I wanna feel it so I’m following the beat of your heart."

#LetTheGirlsPlay was started in response to the startling lack of females on country radio. It's an issue with deep roots, and the only cure is nurturing the next generation of female artists. Taste of Country is proud to be a strong supporter of all women in country music. Every month we'll feature a new, rising female talent. Be sure to check back all week to learn more about Grabois.

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