If you are asking why I like writing songs with elementary school kids just read some of these thank you letters.  You'll never wonder why again! 

The Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' Tour has been in existence over 15 years.  I still can't wait to get out there and visit the schools .  It continues to be one of the more fulfilling things I've ever been involved with in the radio business.  Maybe it's because we think on the same level! (lol).

What is most fulfilling is the pile of handwritten thank you letters that I get.  We never have time to read them on the air.  I also don't have enough room in this blog to display all of them.  But I thought I'd share a few.

These are from a visit to Mrs. Compton's class at Boght Elementary School.  I value every single letter I get, and really don't like rating one group over another, but I've never gotten anything like these.  I actually started "welling up" on the air as I tried to read a few.

Out of this stack:


....I picked a few random ones to show you their incredible comments.




This is a 2 pager.  The ones above had me welling up.  This one took me over the edge!


Need I say more?   Thanks to Mrs. Compton and every single one of the kids.  Every letter meant so much to me, and I'm keeping them to be sure! And thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets, I get to continue the program.  I should write to THEM!!!