Last year on the show, we discovered this amazing website –!

I love this site because it’s a resource for teachers to get funding for classroom supplies that are not funded by their school district.  AND it’s a way for us to donate to a local project we think is valuable! It’s a win win!
I first learned of this site when Stephen Colbert mentioned it on his show. After checking it out, I realized how much I liked it. Teaching is not easy and with school budgets getting cut each year, it’s not getting any easier. As a Father with two kids still attending local schools, it’s a way I feel I can give a little more towards their education. These projects can range from a $200 Ipad to $3,000 for art supplies. The possibilities are endless. All projects are verified and approved by the website - which I also really like.


Each week I will highlight a local project seeking donations. You can check it out and make a donation if you want to, maybe your school is requesting something to better the education experience for our kids too.


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This week, I would like to feature Mrs. Colton from Algonquin Middle School – here is her project:
"Remember all those boring days of notating as a kid? Imagine the ability to be a part of the process, to interact with the notes as they are happening. My students need an iPad accessories. This is the biggest use of this resource in my classroom. Students can share their understanding of vocabulary by writing a definition in their own words...on the board yet from their seat. Additionally, I'll be able to monitor students from the back of the room while presenting. Image the cut-down in note passing, paper throwing, or sneaky texting on their phones. Quite simply, students will have more time to pay attention to learning (without nearly as many distractions)."
Spread the word and help Mrs. Colton and the students of Algonquin out!