Fridays for most people, are the best day of the week, because they’re ready for the weekend. Next weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, so why not make this Friday a warm up for next weekend and have a pizza party. From our inquiry of strange or unusual holidays, Friday May 18 is Pizza Party Day. There's even a Face Book page for it.

Get a bunch of people together and head to some great pizza places, have it delivered to your work place or at home, or pick up a frozen pizza at Hannaford, Price Chopper, Shop Rite or your favorite grocery store. Maybe you have a recipe for making your own pizza. Call up your friend and invite them over for you very own pizza.

Here’s a list of some Albany area pizza places that will be happy to help you celebrate Pizza Party Day.


5) Ralph’s Tavern

Ralph’s is in Colonie at 1328 Central Avenue. This is one of my favorite spots for pizza.

4) Pizza Central

Pizza Central is very close to the Colonie / Albany boarder at 1123 Central Avenue.

3) Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza left the Albany area for awhile, but have returned with a couple of locations including Latham. I know it's a chain, but I think they have great pizza.

2) The Orchard Tavern

Albany’s oldest tavern, The Orchard is at 68 North Manning Boulevard. They also have white pizza, besides the traditional.

1) Smith’s Tavern

Smith’s Tavern on Route 85A in Voorheesville. They have a good selection of specialty pizzas.


I know there are many more pizza places. Where do you go for your favorite pizza?