Have you seen the memes on the internet of the do's and don'ts of leggings? You can apparently only wear certain colors, you have to wear them with a dress or super long tunic, you should be thin, you should be fashionable, boots, no thongs with them. Blah, blah, blah. Well, now there's a woman from Tennessee ranting on her Facebook page about leggings and how they're not britches.

I mean, I get it. Underwear is shown, cellulite is shaking sometimes, tattoos are exposed, but come on! I'm pissed about this! It's just another form of shaming on the internet.

In most cases, women take a photo of another woman having a bad fashion moment, then she posts it on the internet for other women to shame her! I'm not cool with that!

Women, quit being so hard on other women!

We've all walked out of the house in an outfit that maybe didn't look amazing. Why do we have to punish one another all the time?

I've been on stage and had photos taken of me that I'm embarrassed of, for goodness sake! But I would just die if someone posted them as a meme warning others not to dress like me!

Quit being so mean!

One thing I can say for the woman in this video: at least she didn't take real photos of real women and shame them. Thanks for that at least! But come on!  Fashion is subjective, so if you don't like her leggings, don't look!

Besides, I have it on pretty good authority that men like leggings, so we just need to get over it! I'm wearing leggings tomorrow, damnit!