It's rare when I actually get a chance to drive to another state, which is technically what I did recently.  Lee Elementary School in Lee, Massachusetts was where I ended up last week, and I'm dying to go back.  What a teacher! What a class! 

Special thanks to elementary teacher Ms. Whalen along with Miss Alarie, Miss Curtin, and  Mrs Burt for having me in.  And as for the kids? These were some enthusiastic first graders, to be sure, and they are not cool about bullying - especially on the school bus.

Here's their great little jingle, to the tune of "The Wheels On The Bus"

mp3 version (right click and save to your iPods)

Bullies On The Bus ©2012 Richie Phillips and Lee Elementary School, All Rights Reserved Parody of "Wheels On The Bus"

Great little parody.  Sometimes I can't believe that kids this young can put something like this together.  This is yet another time where I walked out shaking my head, saying to myself "that just made my day"

Thanks kids, and special thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets for their continued sponsorship