Lee Greenwood is a show business legend every music fan should see at least once! Outside of the Country Music genre he's best known for his signature 'God Bless The U.S.A.' and his Grammy winning crossover smash 'I.O.U,' but there's so much more to this CMA and Grammy Award winner! 

Our staff recently had a chance to witness the magic on stage in Oneonta, New York, where the legend took us on a wonderful musical journey that represented all facets of his career. The consummate entertainer still has a voice that's in top-notch form, and even matches the recordings of that delightful smokey tone that dazzled country and adult contemporary radio in the 80s! The energetic, seasoned performer can still hit the high notes, slide gracefully through the melody while doing a few dance steps, and then put a finishing touch on a song with a perfect whispering fade-out, that would make Kenny Rogers or Bill Anderson envious.

Greenwood, 71,delights the crowd with stories about playing in Vegas around the Rat Pack, his first days on MCA Records, and the story of how he pulled-off a major awards show performance amidst a major technical issue with a non-working microphone. The man is an absolute professional that's full of talent! In addition to perfect performances of hits like 'Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands' 'Dixie Road' 'Morning Ride' and 'It Turns Me Inside Out,' the 1983 and 1984 CMA Male Vocalist of the Year showed off his musical skills by playing the keyboards and saxophone with appreciated audience interaction.

Although Greenwood may be known as America's most patriotic musical performer, watching a live concert reminds us that he's so much more! Every Country Music fan should take the time to download and discover his catalog and experience his live show. By the way, we also recommend his most recent recording I Want To Be In Your World, recommended cuts include 'Dancing With No Music Playin'' and the title track.

Shelley Miller/Kevin Richards Entertainment