On Saturday night (Jan. 24), Lee Brice joined Garth Brooks onstage in Boston, Mass. to sing 'More Than a Memory,' a song he helped write for the superstar when he temporarily came back from retirement in 2007. Fans may remember it was the only song to ever debut at No. 1 on the radio airplay charts.

Brice wrote 'More Than a Memory' with Kyle Jacobs and Billy Montana, and Brooks wasn't the first to place a hold on the song. Recently, the 'Drinking Class' singer told Taste of Country how it all went down -- how he gave it up.

“He called and asked if he could record that song and I had just taken it back from Rascal Flatts,” Brice says. “But then Garth called … and he said, ‘I’m gonna single it and I’m gonna single it first. And I’m gonna go for the biggest debuting single ever.' I’m like ‘OK.’”

It became an instant smash hit in Sept. of 2007, leading off Brooks' 'Ultimate Hits' collection. It'd be another two years before Brice would score his first radio hit, but he continued to perform the song live. If you've ever seen him sing it, you know his version is just as strong as when Brooks does it.

Boston fans found that out on Saturday.

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