No, she's not a country artist.  I've never heard of her to be honest until I was exposed to this from a YouTube addicted friend.  What you are about to see after you hear the explanation, is absolutely amazing.

Ok.  So here is a new singer-songwriter trying to get attention in the tangled web known as the music business.  You have to grab peoples' attention, and music videos and a social media presence are almost a necessity these days.  How much effort do you want to put into it?  This lady went all out.

This video took a year and a half to make.  A very very talented stop action video genius. Greg Jardin, took this project on.  Rather than blab on, I found a video that explains what they did.

Amazing, huh? And now here is the final product.  I hope you're sitting down.

This video has gotten over a million hits.  For all that work, it should have a billion, but hats off to the creator for his vision, and Kina for her unbelievable patience!  (I'd go screaming out of the studio in ten minutes if they made me do that!)