Bachelor Brad Womack is now down to three girls "he could be in love with" after last night's Bachelor. This week, Brad went home with each of the four girls to see their home towns and meet their families.  Can we say ackward!?!?  I don't think one encounter went completely smoothly nor did any of them seem like very comfortable situations for Brad.  Oh well I guess.  The producers probably wanted all of them to be a little bumpy so that none of us viewers will know who the front runner is at this point.

I think my favorite visit, though, was when Brad went to Chico, California to meet Shawntel H.'s family.  Shawntel is a funeral director and helps run the family business.  The best part, Shawntel wanted to show Brad how she embalms a body so she decided to use Brad as an example.  Let's just say Brad tried to be very polite (even though he was completely creeped out), when Shawntel asked him if he wanted to buried or cremated, by saying he's not comfortable talking about death.

In case you  missed last night's episode, you didn't miss much at all -- except for whom Brad knocked off the show.  If you're wondering who it was, here is the clip from the rose ceremony last night.  The only piece of advice I would really give this girl if I saw her walking down the street is put a freaking smile on your face and maybe a guy would want to be around you.  The facial expression I saw this girl do the most was scour.  Who wants to be around that constantly?

Let me know if you think this contestant should have been let go last night and/ or if you think she was always making this face.