For anyone that has traveled about 50 miles north of the Albany area, to the Lake George area, you know that you have probably passed this restaurant on Route 9 in Queensbury many timest.

Google Street View

In a story that I saw on Newschannel 13, the Montcalm Restaurant has been around for almost 60 years, and will be closed for good. On Thursday morning, June 27, 2013, there will be an auction of almost all of the belongings and memorabilia inside the restaurant. Things like classic and novelty decanters, menus and much more.

The Montcalm is being replaced by another shopping center. Because of the the closing, 40 employees have lost their jobs. Hopefully they’ll be able to find work elsewhere or maybe at the new shopping center when it opens.

Dean Beckos, the owner of The Montcalm is hoping to open another restaurant that will be smaller and a little closer to Saratoga.