Earlier this week the top 13 were chosen for this seasons American Idol competition. In the upcoming weeks, someone will receieve a recording contract and be THE American Idol. I'm hoping for either Scotty McCreery (he sings country and heck, his name is Scotty, why not?) or Lauren Alaina (who ROCKED Reba's "Turn On the Radio" the other night).

But don't feel sorry for the folks who didn't make the cut or even the ones who are rejected in the auditions because they might become Grammy winners.

Hillary Scott, the lone lady of Lady Antebellum, auditioned for the show twice and was rejected both times!

Hillary recently told Entertainment Tonight:

"I never even got to see the judges. I literally performed for the production assistants and the interns and I just didn't make it"

Just goes to show that Idol certainly isn't perfect when it comes to picking talent. There are some winners of the show i don't even hear a thing about anymore and this "reject" is selling albums and winning every award in the book!