If you stayed up late on Saturday night, you had a chance to see one of the hottest acts in country music, Lady Antebellum perform as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live.  If you were in bed early and didn't have your DVR set, well here is what you missed.

It's not very often you will see a country act on the late night show. In the 36 years the show has been the air only 11 other country acts have been featured. Those acts include:

Willie Nelson--2 appearances in 1977 and 1993

Johnny Cash--Was host and musical  guest in 1982

Charlie Daniels--Musical guest in 1982

Roseanne Cash-Musical guest in 1986

Dolly Parton--Host and Musical guest in 1989

Dwight Yoakam--Musical guest in 1994

Garth Brooks--Has made the most appearances on the show. Garth was the muscial guest in 1992, then both the Host and Musical guest in 1998 and 1999.

Faith Hill--Musical Guest in 2002

Dixie Chicks--Musical Guest in 2003

Keith Urban-Musical Guest  in 2007

Taylor Swift--Musical guest in 2010, then Host and Musical guest in November 2010.

SNL certainly needs to step it up with the country music acts. 36 years and only 11 country stars? Hopefully we will see many more in the future.