I love the new song "Downtown" from Lady Antebellum and wondered how they would put it to video. This group is very creative and usually throw some cool curve balls in their music videos.LOL! They have done it again. They even had one of the girls from the CBS-TV comedy "Two Broke Girls" guest star in it for some extra laughs. Check out the video, and remember that Lady Antebellum will be one of the many country Superstar acts playing at the 1077 'GNA Taste of Country Music Festival June 13-15th at Hunter Moutain. Tickets for the 3 day country music blowout are on sale here.

Hillary Scott looks great and really had a lot fun making this video even though she was about 5 months pregnant when the shot it. Lady A's performance at our 1077 'GNA Taste Of Country Music Festival will be one of her last live shows if not the last live show before she goes on maternity leave.