If you want to start singing "I Am Woman", or "Man, I Feel Like A Woman", go ahead girls!  This could be your lucky blog!  I am here to report that you could be rolling in the dough if you play your cards right with America's biggest retailer!

Perhaps this is out of guilt over their past problems with sex discrimination lawsuits and the like, but for whatever reason, Walmart is making a committment, and a HUGE one, to entice women to sell their products to the huge chain.

According to  Newser.com:

Under a new initiative announced today, it pledges to spend $20 billion over the next five years to buy products from women-owned businesses in the US, double its current amount, reports the Washington Post. It also promises to train and educate low-income women here and abroad, notes Reuters.

In all fairness to Walmart, however, we do have to remind you here that the class action  discrimination lawsuit was dismissed against them, according to the WeeklyStandard.com, so they weren't charged with anything.

So in this rough and tough economy, if you can find something to sell them in quantity, and I mean BIG HONKIN' QUANTITY, you could really make it big!  Good luck to you!  (I know you were expecting a song here at the end, but what I have in mind,  I need a female to sing.  Anyone out there interested who has a good voice (or a not so good one like mine?)  Let me know below.  Maybe you could debut in your first parody on 'GNA!