We talked about this issue today on our Daily Dilemma on the Sean and Richie Show. A bride-to-be wrote to us saying that she asked her husband to shave his beard for their upcoming wedding.  She didn't want  the "scruffy look" on her special day, and her mother was pretty much on board with the idea as well.  Well, according to a study, she might not be so off base! 

According to TVNZ.com, an anthroplogist, Barnaby Dixson did a study of over 200 women.

Dixson's study tested the responses of 200 modern women from different ethnic backgrounds to pictures of a group of men with beards, and the same men without beards.

The women said that they found the men more attractive when they were clean shaven, but the findings also revealed bearded men were thought of as more socially dominant.

How do the people  of the Capital Region feel?  You can listen to the responses from today's show right here.
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