It's about time, for God sakes. Gee- here's an idea. Let's have a teen idol actually become a role model for a change. What a concept!  Meet Taylor Swift.

We've had this discussion on the morning show many times.

Is it a star's responsibility to be a role model?

I say absolutely, especially when you have built your career upon the adoration of young people. You would think that more celebrities would want to pay it forward like Taylor Swift. And pay it forward she did, to the tune of $4 million, according to an article in the New York Daily News

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Here is an explanation of what's included from YouTube:

Dear Miley:

I hope you take notes. I know you wanted to shed your "Hannah Montana" image and prove to the world that you are now a grown woman.  You've definitely succeeded in doing that.  Just remember where YOUR popularity, wealth and success stemmed from - kids as well.  Rip off a page from the Taylor Swift manual, and do something good like this. Maybe the public will stop characterizing you the way they do lately.

E.O.R.R.  (End of Richie Rant)