This is an awesome "feel good" story, and it involves an ex-President who hasn't been feeling too good himself lately - George Bush 41.  Check this out

All politics aside, because I don't want to get into that fight, you have to admire when a concerned, empathetic person does something nice, especially a former President.

In case you don't remember him, George Bush's father, Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush shaved his head to support a child of one of his staff members who was diagnosed with leukemia.  He's very familiar with the pain and anguish this can cause family members -it happened to his own family years ago.  The story from

I think that's an amazing show of support, given that Mr. Bush hasn't been in the best of health lately himself I thought I would throw this out there just to show you that politicians can have feelings too!!!   Have a nice day!