January 12th is officially International Kiss A Ginger Day!

You are supposed to kiss every ginger person you come across on this day!

Kiss A Ginger Day was started in 2009 by Derek Forgie as a Facebook group intended to counter the November 2008 creation of the "Kick A Ginger" Facebook campaign that resulted in bullying and assult at schools.  So, in response, Derek decided to dedicate January 12th to a much more peace-loving activity aimed towards gingers.

Now in its 6th year, Kiss A Ginger Day is going strong and I encourage everyone reading this to go and find your favorite ginger and pucker up.

For more information about Kiss A Ginger Day, visit the original Facebook page.

Here's a pic of me kissing my favorite ginger, my beautiful, charismatic, delicious, sassy, smart, hysterical daughter Madelyn.

Photo: Bethany