Kirstie Alley is down to a size 4 -- yes, that's right a size 4!  She appeared at Fashion Week for her good friend and designer, Zang Toi's show.  Despite models up the wa-zoo, Alley was the hit of the show! 

You might remember Alley was just recently on "Dancing With the Stars."  That was only a few months ago.  Before the show, the 60-year old was buying dresses that were size 14's.  And she swears she's continued with the exercise route along with a proper diet and has had no plastic surgery.  Alley's feeling on plastic surgery is ""I don't think it makes you look younger. I think it can make you look weirder."


It's ironic Kirstie Alley has gotten in such great shape only because I actually watched last season (specifically because I love her!) and I said to a friend of mine, "I want to be on 'Dancing With the Stars!'  All the dancers are ridiculously in shape!  And it seems so much fun!"  Too bad I have no time for ballroom dancing, nor am I big time celebrity. 

I'm happy for Kirstie, though.  She is such a beautiful woman and I love her personality.  She kept such good spirits through her run on "Dancing With the Stars" despite her mishaps and mistakes.  And she was fun!  Way to go girl -- you deserve it!