You already know that the stars have some strange demands.  For Kim Kardashian, this ranks right up there with the rest of them.

When stars are on tour, they get picky.  When they are on vacation, they sometimes will rent out an island for privacy, like Brangelina.

How about when they are in the hospital to have a baby?  Then they get particularly cranky, especially the very lovely Kim Kardashian

Looking further into this, The states that her birthing room has to be perfect, so they are moving everybody off the floor.  The room will be sound proofed!  According to the article:

All outside noises and "influences" will be blocked. There will be mood lighting, and "the sounds of nature will be reflected with trickling water and soothing wind

Ok.  In their defense, you have to protect yourself somehow from all the crazies that will be trying to sneak in with cameras , trying to get the first pictures.  But do you have to throw everyone out of the hospital?  Can't they come up with a "Hospital for the Stars", where just celebrities can attend and not be worried?

Kim could have her baby, Lilo can go for rehab (every week), sports stars can go and have their fibias and tibias repaired?   They can afford to have their own doctors on staff too.

Leave the public hospitals for poor shmucks like us!   E.O.R. (end of rant).  Please leave your own rant below!