A lot of people may have been relieved to hear that Kin Jong Il, the hard line ruler of North Korea had died at the age of 69. In truth though, it just makes things more dangerous in the world.

Il was a bully. He used to taunt the South Koreans for years just hoping they would retaliate and give him cause to invade the small democratic nation on the other side of the "DMZ". China had some ability to keep Jong under control when he got really crazy, but now that he's dead all bets are off.

Il's youngest son Kim Jong Un is the newly appointed leader of North Korea. He is in his 20's, and nobody knows anything about him which in essence makes him dangerous to the free world. The best way to beat your enemies, is to know them and in this case we know very little.  The one thing we do know is that he has a itchy trigger and soon after his father's death he had a short range missile launched putting the region on high alert.

Let's pray as we approach Christmas that he can transform the country for good and bring the region closer. I doubt that will happen, but it's worth a try. Here's more details on the story from Fox News.