Kenny Rogers is about to release a new album on a major record label! While most artists his age (75) would only dream of being signed to a major label like Warner Brothers, Rogers proves once again that he is not your 'average' singer.

'The Gambler's' music is still relevant and appeals to music fans of all ages and genres. Rogers is in demand thanks to his catalog of massive hits, the 'Through The Years' World Tour selling out around the globe, and high profile appearances at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, The CMA Music Festival, and Zac Brown's Southern Ground Music Festival. In addition to pop culture references and appearances on television shows, a best selling biography (Luck Or Something Like It), and the revival of his musical The Toy Shoppe in Branson (with Billy Dean in the lead role), Kenny Rogers is still cool and busy as ever!

The Country Music Hall of Famer (officially inducted in October 2013) is about to release what he says could be "the most varied and complete album of his lifetime." In a press release by Webster and Associates, Rogers stated, "I can honestly say this may be the best album I've ever recorded. The musical diversity is extraordinary. It goes from songs I would normally sing, to songs I would normally never even listen to.  In this business, you do albums to both grow artistically, and for the sheer love of music.  We chose what I think are the most diverse and best songs I've ever had access to."

The album titled You Can't Make Old Friends will be issued on October 8, 2013 with the title track featuring his long-time friend Dolly Parton (67). The release of the new duet happens on what is actually the 30th anniversary of their award winning smash 'Islands In The Stream.' Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers are pictured above at the Kenny Rogers First 50 Years Television Special at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods in Ledyard, Connecticut in 2010.

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