Kelly Clarkson has slowly crossed over to the Country Music genre, while maintaining a very successful pop career. From her duet with Reba McEntire on 'Because Of You' to the award winning Jason Aldean duet 'Don't You Wanna Stay,' Clarkson has found some loyal Country Music fans.

Clarkson is currently on the charts with Vince Gill singing 'Don't Rush' from her greatest hits album. The American Idol winner also has another connection to Country Music, as she's managed by Reba McEntire's husband, Narvel Blackstock, under Reba's Starstruck brand. To further her connection to Country Music, she's now engaged to Reba McEntire's stepson, Brandon Blackstock (pictured above). Due to all of her Nashville projects and friends in Music City USA, I'm sure we'll be hearing more Country Music from Kelly Clarkson.

Check out the latest line dance to Kelly Clarkson's 'Don't Rush.' Other country dancing suggestions to this song include 'Stroll Along Cha Cha' or 'Blue Rose.' You can also try an improver intermediate version choreographed by Paula Frohn.

'Don't Rush' Line Dance
Choreographed by Pim Van Grootel and Bella Scholtzé
32 Count 4 Wall Line Dance
Music: 'Don' t Rush' by Kelly Clarkson and Vince Gill

Step Side, Rock Back, Recover, Basic Fwd, Step fwd, ¼ Turn R, Cross Over, Step Side, Cross Behind
1LF Step to left side
2RF Rock back
3LF Recover weight
4RF Step forward
&LF Step next RF
5RF Step forward
6LF Step forward
7RF ¼ Turn right, stepping to right side (3.00)
8LF Cross over RF
&RF Step to right side
1LF Cross behind RF

Hold, Step Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Step Side, Cross Rock, Basic ¼ Turn R
3RF Step to right side
4LF Cross over RF
&RF Recover weight
5LF Step to left side
6RF Cross over LF
7LF Recover weight
8RF Step to right side
NOTE; Restart point wall 4
&LF Step next RF
1RF ¼ Turn right, stepping forward (6.00)

Step fwd, ½ Turn R, Lock Step ½ Turn R, ¼ Turn R Rock, Recover, Basic R
2LF Step forward
3RF ½ Turn R, stepping forward (12.00)
4LF ¼ Turn R, stepping to left side (3.00)
&RF Cross over LF
5LF ¼ Turn R, stepping backwards (6.00)
6RF ¼ Turn R, stepping to right (9.00)
7LF Recover weight
8RF Step to right side
NOTE; Restart Point wall 9.
&LF Step next RF
1RF Step to right side

Cross Rock, Recover, Basic L, Cross Rock, Recover, Rock Side
2LF Cross over RF
3RF Recover weight
4LF Step to left side
&RF Step next LF
5LF Step to left side
6RF Cross over LF
7LF Recover weight
8RF Step to right side

1: In Wall 4 after 16 counts, you will be facing 6.00.

2: In Wall 9 after 24 counts, you will be facing 3.00.