Keith Urban is taking his fans behind the scenes of the shoot for his latest video, "Wasted Time," sharing a rare glimpse of the creative process behind the summertime clip.

"Wasted Time" is the third single from Urban's upcoming Ripcord album, which is set for release on Friday (May 6). The track once again moves the sonic bar for Urban, pushing against the boundaries of country radio with a heavily programmed pop synth sound, and he dropped a fun-filled video for the song last week. In the clip above, which is exclusive to Taste of Country, the country superstar goes on location in California to film the video, which depicts a summer party outdoors.

Urban worked with director John Urbano -- who previously helmed his videos for "Cop Car" and "Somewhere in My Car" -- on the clip for "Wasted Time," filming at Malibu Creek State Park.

The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist says he finds videos "inherently tricky," since he has to either reproduce the lyric frame-by-frame, or abandon it entirely. "You're trying to find that balance between the two," he observes.

Urban and Urbano didn't literally represent the lyrics of "Wasted Time" in the new video, but they did capture the carefree spirit of the young whiling away their days in the clip, which features a group of young people in a sun-soaked outdoor setting, having fun at a waterhole, in a car, and literally jumping for joy in one shot. That footage is interspersed with some shots of Urban simply singing and playing the song on acoustic guitar on the porch of a house.

Though the location was sunny, it wasn't warm the day of filming, causing some problems for the actors when they filmed a scene in which they jump into the waterhole from a bluff. In fact, Urbano says the water was "freezing ... probably 50 degrees. There was a point where I said, 'Everybody's shaking, we've got to get out of the water.'"

One principal scene depicts Urban playing the banjo and singing by a campfire while all of the young people dance around, but it wasn't as easy as it looks on film, since starting fires in that park is prohibited.

"We had to get pyrotechnic guys to come out," Urban recalls with a laugh. "It's a real fire, but it's under a really controlled environment, with these fake logs and all this other stuff."

Ripcord also features rapper Pitbull and Carrie Underwood in separate collaborations. Urban is slated to kick off his  Ripcord World Tour on June 2 in Kansas City, Mo.

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