If you haven't heard this story by now, you are either living under a large rock or you haven't paid your cable bill.  A school monitor from Greece, New York was brutally verbally accosted by children on the school bus she was assigned to.   I wanted to offer her a little song to hopefully show our support here at WGNA's Sean and Richie Show

Although what happened to her is explained somewhat in the song, you can go to our producer Levack's article to get the whole scoop plus the profanity laced video (warning you ahead of time)

But in the meantime, here is the song with lyrics to follow.   We would like to first tell her how much we respect the restraint that she exhibited throughout her ordeal.  That must have taken every part of her being to control herself.   I can't even imagine!  - Ok - here's the song as performed this morning on the show.

The Ballad of Karen Klein (The Monroe County Bullying Song)

©2012 Richie Phillips/ WGNA's Sean and Richie Show/ All Rights Reserved

This is a story that must be discussed

about a lovely school monitor riding a bus

just makin a living in a true thankless job

and getting accosted by a middle school mob


Karen just sat there quite stoically

and took in the flurries of profanity

jabbed her left arm they yelled your so fat

for FCC’s sake I will leave it at that


How do you control your anger and rage

when insulted by somebody one 1/10 of your age

makes you wish for a time when the way you would cope

is by opening mouths and inserting some soap


The story went viral of Karen’s frustration

they asked for donations for her next vacation

could this be a solution maybe it will

force these kids to work and let them foot the bill


Bullying sucks and yes in due time

they’ll get their comeuppance don’t worry Miss Klein

Sick of this topic I wish we could drop it

let’s all band together and get kids to stop it


Would love to hear your comments about the incident.  It's appalling and disgusting and vile and rude.  There - I'll get it started for you.