This years World Series will be decided by the best pitcher in the game, and his name is Justin Verlander! Here's the schedule for the series and why Mr. Verlander will bring the title to Detroit!We don't really know the pitching match ups yet but we do know who will be pitching for the well rested Tigers in game one, Justin Verlander. Don't tell me the Tigers will be rusty because that's nonsense. Maybe if a normal pitcher was on the mound but with the way Verlander is throwing all the other guys have a game to get back to 100% if they aren't already. The Giants can't use Matt Cain or Ryan Vogelsong(who was a beast in the National League Championship Series) until maybe games 3 and 4. I expect the Tigers to take the first two games pretty easy and win the whole thing in six. Here's the complete game schedule (* if necessary)

Game 1 Detroit @ San Francisco Wed, Oct 24 8:00 PM FOX
Game 2 Detroit @ San Francisco Thu, Oct 25 8:00 PM FOX
Game 3 San Francisco @ Detroit Sat, Oct 27 8:00 PM FOX
Game 4 San Francisco @ Detroit Sun, Oct 28 8:00 PM FOX
Game 5* San Francisco @ Detroit Mon, Oct 29 8:00 PM FOX
Game 6* Detroit @ San Francisco Wed, Oct 31 8:00 PM FOX
Game 7* Detroit @ San Francisco Thu, Nov 1 8:00 PM FOX