Looks like we had lots of celebrity news in today's morning monologue.  I tried to limit the "Arnold" references, it seems he is all over the news as of late. I am only human though, he did sneak in a few spots there. (pun intended). Let's take a look at what you'll be listening to today.

  • Justin Bieber's latest C.D. is "flying of the shelves".
  • Maria Carey brings the twins home, yes the babies.
  • Mathew Morrison from "Glee" is going on tour.
  • Chris Brown was excited to get 6 "B.E.T." awards nominations.
  • Does the seven year itch still exist.
  • More on Starbucks firing a woman because she is a dwarf.

All this and so much more in today's morning monologue from the "Sean and Richie Show" on WGNA. If you missed it here's your second chance.