This happened at the Walmart parking lot in Albany. You pull into a parking lot. You see that it’s busy, because there are a lot of cars.

As you’re going up the isle, you see an open space, or at least you think it is. You start to feel happy and put on your direction light to claim your parking space. But then as you almost get to it, you see that it’s not really a space.

It’s the shopping cart return corral. Now you’re no longer happy. You sense great disappointment and maybe anger. This goes along with my articles about bad parking lot designs.

Don’t get me wrong, these corals are a great thing. It’s a great convenience when you’re done shopping and you put your bags in your car and just return the cart to the corral. Here’s an idea, why don’t these businesses mark the spaces for the cart returns, similar to what they do for handicap spaces. Use paint to outline the spaces, so you know that you can’t park there.

Have you ever gone to park only to find out it’s the cart return?