I was one of the guest judges for the finals of the Country Idol Karaoke Competition at Vapor last night. It was a great night of music and full of talent.

It was also one of the toughest jobs that I ever had. Obviously all these people made it to the finals, so they were all great. Picking one to win $5,ooo wasn't easy. During the night I got on the microphone and jokingly said "I quit, I can't do this" because the talent was so good and the competition was so fierce. I truly now know what the American Idol judges feel like when they have to eliminate singers from the early rounds.

Kevin made a great point during the show saying that some many acts didn't win Nashville Star or American Idol and became stars, such as Countryfest headliner Miranda Lambert who came in 3rd on Nashville Star and Bucky Covington and Kellie Pickler who came in 8th and 6th respectively on Idol. We also can't for get non-country stars who didn't win Idol who are stars such as Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson!

Congratulations to Bobby Kendall for winning the competition. But I give all of the singers a standing ovation. It was truly an honor to listen to every one of you sing, you were all stars in my eyes! It was a tough job, but when next years Country Idol contest comes around, sign me up. I would love to judge again!