The Judds have just started another reunion tour, which they have titled "The Last Encore."   I doubt it will be the last time we'll see the Judds together, but for marketing purposes it does make a fan want to buy a ticket, "just in case" this doesn't happen again. 

Anyway, The Judds have decided to film all the behind the scenes drama for a reality show that will air on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in January.   If you are familiar with the Judds history, you know there will be a lot of drama!

I've always heard that the Judds really don't get along in real life.   But I guess like many mothers and daughters, they have their disagreements and differences just like any other family.  Anyway, I'm sure the behind the scenes footage will make for a great TV show.  In a recent GAC interview, Bill Cody asked the Judds if they really ever spend any quality family time together, and you'd be surprised by the answer!  Wynonna simply stated "No!"