Joyce Mitchell spoke out with Matt Lauer on "The Today Show."

Joyce Mitchell, the former prison employee who admitted to helping two convicted murderers escape from a prison New York, spoke with Matt Lauer today filling in the details of their relationships and why she actually helped them.

I admit, I was really interested in this. I mean for weeks we watched the manhunt for these prisoners unfold on TV wondering why would this woman help these killers. I know I thought to myself, how do you fall for these guys?

Well, after watching this clip, you can get a little more information on her feelings and motives.

Mitchell tells Lauer that she was depressed, thought her husband didn’t love her and the men knew how to take advantage of that. Mitchell admits to being friends with the men, even flirting with them. She started bringing the men in cookies and brownies a couple months before the escape. She mentions a time when one prisoner told her he loved her. She says she tried to get out then, but they threatened her husband.

The interview cuts out at that point. I hope there is more for us to see!! I still have so many questions but Matt Lauer did a great job interviewing her!

Watch the whole interview that aired here. It’s a good one!