Josh Thompson is really a country artists that represents the working person. His lyrics deal with American values and a "don't tread on me attitude." This is one of the reasons that he is moving the needle in country music.

His hit "Way Out Here" was about the rights of Americans and sent the message, you may think we're hicks but don't think about screwing with us or else! "Won't Be Lonely Long" was a song about a guy that works hard, and his girlfriend dumped him on a Friday night with a fresh paycheck. He basically said, "Whatever" and that he "won't be lonely long."

All of these blue collar messages and more come to bear fruit again for Josh. This time though he has let us see his softer side that has learned from past mistakes and wants to get the proverbial train of life on the tracks again. He's got the message and he's "Comin' Around."

Give this very powerful new tune a listen and let me know what you think about it here on 1077 'GNA.