A celeberty boxing promoter named Damon Feldman says he paid Jose Canseco $5000 to fight Saturday night at The Hard Cafe in Hollywood, Florida. Jose was set to get $5000 more just for showing up to the fight. When "Jose" got there Feldman said he knew something was up. Turns out it was Ozzie Canseco (Jose's twin brother) instead. Jose has more tattoos and is bigger then Ozzie.

So now Damon Feldmon is going to go back and check pictures to make sure he got Jose in the past. It has been long rumored that Ozzie did autograph signings for Jose but this is crazy. Not since the Killer Bee's in the glory days of the WWF (that's right WWF not WWE it was that long ago) has someone pulled such a switcharoo.

Any excuse to post The Killer Bee's and Coco Beware and I'm in! lol