Our fellow Americans in Joplin, Missouri have literally and figuratively been put through hell on earth. A massive, fast moving tornado shredded this town of about 50,000 last night.  At last count there were 90 confirmed dead, over 200 more injured and 2,000 homes and the hospital in Joplin which were torn aport by this horrible tornado. I pray for their well being, and I hope you do too. The weather system which is parked over the midwest and is slowly moving our way is a very powerful system. Joplin needs help from everyone in America and the best way to help is through the Heart of Missouri United Way Tornado Relief Campaign. You can click here to donate. There is also a Facebook Page set up which is dedicated to Missouri Tornado Relief.

This video shows the hospital which was destroyed by the tornado and the sheer carnage left behind in Joplin. There is no audio on it which makes the reality set in on you even more as you watch. Please do what you can and help our fellow Americans in Joplin, Missouri.