Time to celebrate Countryfest 2012 with a Kick-off Celebration in Lenox, Mass.  (It sounds far away, but it's just over the border, folks).  Come on over and join us Saturday, April 14th from 6-9PM. 

It's a great place with great "grub" and even better "grog".  (I'm usually groggy in the morning, but not for this event!)   They'll be prizes given out every hour from 6-9PM, with a really awesome grand prize (a very special guitar) and will include a pair of tickets to Countryfest 2012 at the Times Union Center.

Halpin's is right on Route 7 in Lenox.  It'only about an hour from Albany.   Would love to meet you folks.  We talk to you every day on the radio, but never get a chance to "shoot the baloney" with you, so this will be fun.

See you there.