It's these little moments that make it all worthwhile, getting an artist in the studio and joking around musically with them. This guy was REALLY into it, which helps. I see a big star in the making, BTW.

He's newcomer John King (no, not the CNN journalist). You know him for his smash single "Tonight, Tonight."

Well, just to show you how versatile he is and willing to go with a "spur of the moment" idea, we had this brainstorm of changing the chorus of his latest song to "This Morning, This Morning" and making it a "Sean and Richie Show" jingle.

We stuck a microphone in his mouth and just had him sing "This morning, this morning this morning is gonna be the best show of our life" with no music.

I then took this little snippet and put instruments and my own vocals to it.  Here was the final product

It's a hit! (well, nothing like the original, but nice to have for our program!)

Thanks to John for playing along.

If you'd like to keep up with his very promising career, here's his website

photo by Ariana Sheehan