There's an old joke relegated to our musical genre here at WGNA.  "What do you get when you play a country song backwards?"  Answer below.. What do you get? You get your wife back, your house back and your truck back!  Good joke, but it doesn't tickle Joey Venture's funny bone.    He's very touchy and protective of the the loves in his life, and he'd never let this little baby go.  In fact, he wrote a touching musical  tribute on the subject and produced this video to go with it.

The song is aptly entitled "Thank God I Bought Me This Truck", and local singer/songwriter Joey Venture  enlisted Spin Kick Productions to assemble this project.  It made for some pretty impressive results.

Some of the more touching lyrics of his self penned hit include:

"She's my Venus, I'm her Mars

And I'm thankin' my lucky stars

That I... had bought me this truck"

It brings a tear to this blogger's eye to hear such passion, loyalty and commitment to this gorgeous specimen from a bygone era. ( I have a box of tissues next to my laptop as I compose this, and is being depleted rapidly as we speak)

Here's the video in it's entirety.  Please feel free to share with every truck lovin' country listener you know.  Great song, Joey!