Countryfest 2013 is going to be a party on July 13th at Schaghticoke Fairgrounds with 1077 'GNA. I have already begun practicing my lawn chair sitting and have the waffle marks on my butt to prove it. LOL! Joe Diffie is a huge part of the party this year. Joe Diffie is the man. One of the true kings of country music and has a list of some of the best party hits ever records. He is more popular than ever thanks to the fact that Jason Aldean views him as one of his country music heroes and is singing his name loud and proud all over America with hsi huge hit about Joe Diffie titled "1994".

When we got the news that Joe Diffie had signed off on our Countryfest 2013 contract we were talking about it in the halls here at 1077 'GNA and asked our employees what they think his best hit song was. There were so many answers to that question, a testament to Joe Diffie's impact on country music over the years. I though we would ask you what your favorite Joe Diffie hit is. We will get to party outside with all of them on July 13th with you and 'GNA at Countryfest 2013 "Our 20th Anniversary Show".