Back in 2010 Jay Leno took "The Tonight Show" back from Conan O'Brien. NBC and Leno gave Leno the 10 pm slot and Conan took over the show that Johnny Carson made amazing. Leno's new 10 pm show flopped and he took back The Tonight Show. Jimmy Kimmell made appearance on "the Jay Leno Show" and ripped Leno.

Leno did a segment called "Ten at Ten". Ten question for a guest and somehow thought Kimmell would be a good guest. He was but only because he blasted Leno the whole time. The two haven't talked since and recently Kimmell said humiliating Leno "probably my proudest moment" and "we haven't spoken since, [eff] him". Here is the interview from back in 2010 still one of the best TV moments of all time.