There seems to be some changes this year to American Idol, and I will go on record as saying I like the show a lot better (but who cares what I think- what do YOU think?)

General Observations that you can either agree or fight me on

1.  I personally like the general "atmosphere" on American Idol much better these days.  They don't seem so condescending, like the "Simon Cowell" days.  He was funny and controversial, but now that he's gone, I don't honestly miss him.  What say YOU?

2.  They seem to be concentrating more on talent, and not trying to make it like the "Gong Show" (wow- I just showed my age again!)

3. There are some pleasant surprises, like Jim Carrey's daughter trying out and getting the "golden ticket". Here's the story on that from "Show Biz Tonite via"

What's your thoughts on American Idol 2.0?  Better? Worse?  Do you think it's fair to have a star's son or daughter on?  Does that give them an unfair advantage?  Please let me know in the comment section!  I won't ridicule you like Simon, promise!