Sunday was a HUGE day for Jeff Gordon Fans!!

Jeff Gordon won Sunday’s NASCAR race and his fans erupted in cheer. My guess would be they were not all Jeff Gordon fans, but true NASCAR fans too.

Jeff Gordon is a staple in NASCAR. It’s like the two names go hand in hand. So, when he announced his retirement before this season, fans of all drivers were saddened by the news.

In his "farewell season", without winning a race, Gordon has been able to gain enough points to make the Chase. And after Sunday’s race, he is moving on to the finals in Miami!

When Gordon crossed the finish line, the crowd erupted in cheers. Gordon said he could hear them all through the Victory Lane interviews. So, what do this NASCAR driver do? He goes into the crowd to celebrate with them!

Take a look at what happened to these fans!


One this is for sure, I can’t wait to see the finals now. Gordon wins the Chase his farewell season? You never know!