She was one of the great character actresses of 1970's sitcoms. There could be no one else on planet earth who could play the ditsy "Edith Bunker" better than Jean Stapleton.

"All In The Family" was a show that would cause outrage today, even though it was trying to satirize such sensitive topics as bigotry ,chauvinism, and conservative thought. it appealed to both camps however- if Archie said something that was racist, a racist person would feel that it reaffirmed his thinking, so he would like the show. A liberal who though Archie was a blithering idiot for making comments like that would be in hysterics, so he too would tune in each week!

Jean Stapleton played that character to a " tee", always appearing totally clueless, yet sometimes throwing the audience a curve by putting Archie firmly in his place.


You can just picture her singing "THOSE WE'RE THE DAYYYYYYYS" in that screechy voice in the beginning of each episode. said she won 3 Emmys for her performance. She will be missed, along with the equally amazing Carol O'Connor! (Wow-both are now gone - bummer!)