Ever wonder what it would be like to go to high school with Jason Aldean?

Well, you don't have to wonder anymore!

Jason's new video for his latest single "Gonna Know We Were Here" was shot in his hometown, in his old high school and features video from an actual homecoming football game from his alma mater!  He went to Windsor Academy in Macon, Georgia, they're the Knights, and if you watch the video, you can tell they're loud and proud!

Click here to see the video at Yahoo! Music.

I think it's a really cool way to pay homage to the town where you grew up!  Way to go Jason!  I'm sure his high school is so proud to call him an alumni, and making a video showcasing his high school is an amazing way to give back!

Watching this video has got me thinking, how would Winsor Academy do in 'GNA's High School Hunger Games?  I'm sure they'd be great, given all the school pride they seem to have!

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Christopher Polk