Jason Aldean was raised by his mom in Macon, Georgia.

His parents divorced when he was only three years old.

He would spend the summertime with his dad, who lived in Homestead, Florida. His dad was a guitar player. Before his dad went to work, his dad would show Jason, on a piece of paper, where to place his fingers to play chords on a guitar. Jason would practice all day until his dad got home. They would then play together.

Back at home with his mom, she would get him into the local VFW, where he’d play for about 10 people. When he was 15, he ended up joining the house band at Nashville South – A Georgia night club.

Move up to 2012 and Jason plays to more than just 10 people at his concerts, and has a few country hits under his belt, including “Amarillo Sky,” “Dirt Road Anthem” and my favorite Aldean song, “She’s Country.”

So let's wish a happy birthday to Jason Aldean!