There have been a lot of great bands in the world of country music over the years and for many of you you may find it hard to narrow it down to five. I actually started this list with eight and then worked it down to five, and I hope you agree with some or all of my choices below. Bands are a rare breed, there are a lot of solo artists and duos in country music but the entire band genre is category unique to itself. It is not just about the lead singer because the band can keep a crowd moving their eyes and ears from one side of the stage to the other all the time. In order to be a complete band you also need to be able to harmonize and sound great, you also need to make sure that every member of the band is a master of the instrument they play because if they can't do a solo on it then why bother playing it in the first place. If you have charted hits that also goes into the consideration.

5. Shenandoah - When the band was together with Marty Rabine as their lead singer they were a true force in country music and charted 13 number hits in a short period of time. Some of their best known hits include "Church on the Cumberland Road", "Two Dozen Roses","Next to You Next To Me" and " I Want To Be Loved Like That".

4. Blackhawk- This band that had a lot of quick success had a career way too short, and their harmonies and soul were so good other bands wished they could do it half as good as Blackhawk. Their biggest hit was "Goodbye Says It All."

3. Lonestar - They have reunited and are coming to Upstate Concert Hall with 1077 'GNA on November 13th. All the ticket info is here. John Rich was the original lead singer was was fired from the band and then the "voice" took over as lead singer. The one and only Richie McDonald can sing with the best of them. Big hits of Lonestar include "Amazed", "Not A Day Goes By", "Mr. Mom", "My Front Porch Looking In" to name a few.

2. The Charlie Daniels Band - Charlie Daniels put a true band of good ole Tennessee boys together and made real country music about things like love, drinking, football, The Civil War, and being a proud American. Charlie Daniel is a true patriot and some of his biggest hits include "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", "Long Haired Country Boy", "Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye", "In America" and "The South's Gonna Do It Again" as well as "The Legend Of Wooley Swamp".

1. Alabama - There are country music groups and then there is Alabama. The first time I ever saw them live in concert they were the warm up band for Charlie Daniels and the Bellamy Brothers were also on the show as the opening act. The show was at the Lake Placid Olympic Arena which used to do a lot of concerts before the Glens Falls Civic Center was built. Alabama's laundry list of number hits includes "Take Me Down", "Mountain Music"," If Your Gonna Play In Texas","Feels So Right","Love in The First Degree", "Song Of The South" and about 35 others. They are the best country group ever.

Author's note: If this list was being created 5 years from now, I would have had The Zac Brown Band on it. No disrespect to them, they are amazing.