I am a hardcore country music fan, and a hardcore American. I am sure you will know some of the songs on my list. You may not know some as well, but after you listen they will be favorites of yours for sure as we prepare to celebrate our nation's independence.

#5  Tim McGraw "If You're Reading This"

      Men and women serve our nation at home and all over the world and unfortunately not all of them make it home. God Bless the troops.

#4 Billy Ray Cyrus "Some Gave All"

It is the ultimate sacrifice to serve your country and Billy Ray sings this one from the bottom of his red, white and blue heart.

#3  Toby Keith's "American Soldier"

Patriotism is about the military, our nation and our pride in what we say, what we make and how we feel about ourselves as Americans. This song is from a soldier's point of view which makes it special.

#2 John Michael Montgomery's "Letters From Home"

As the men and women of our military serve us proud, they need support from us and this song let's you know home much a letter from home means to them.

#1 Sammy Kershaw's "The Snow White Rows of Arlington"

The first time I heard this song 2 years ago I cried like a baby and immediadiately put it into our patriotic programming on Country 107.7, WGNA-FM. Please listen to this song.

Listen for all of these songs throughout this 4th of July weekend on Country 107.7, WGNA-FM. God Bless America! I want to dedicate these songs and this story to my grandfather Jared Stark who is gone now but served America proud, and the toughest Marine I know my Uncle Jared Stark who served us proud on multiple tours in Vietnam and loves America.

If you have a friend or family serving, or one who has served our country give them some props and comment on this story.