I thought I grew up in a small town being from Fort Ann, New York in Washington County. There's about 7,000 people in the township, and I had 50 people in my graduating class.

I was driving around yesterday and heard Justin Moore's hit "Small Town USA" and started thinking, "how small can a town be before its not considered a town, and what are really the smallest towns in the USA?" I found a website called Newsoxy.com and it is really cool. The next thing I knew I had a list of smallest towns in America with their population which are hilarious. So here are the 10 smallest towns in America, and for the record Fort Ann, New York did not make the list. Haha!

Monowi, Nebraska                 Population: 1
Hillsview, South Dakota       Population: 3
Lost Springs, Wyoming        Population: 4
Freeport, Kansas                     Population: 5
Tenney, Minnesota                Population: 5
Tortilla Flat, Arizona             Population: 6
Beaconsfield, Iowa                 Population: 11
Weeki Wachee, Florida         Population: 12
Mound, Louisiana                  Population: 12
Bonanza, Colorado                 Population: 14

Now your little Albany, and Saratoga or Glens Falls area small hometown does not seem that small anymore does it? For the record we all have a hometown, but the the official "Hometown USA" for America is believe it or not is Glens Falls, New York. Just to cement the mood on small towns and small town sensibilities here's Justin Moore from Valory Music with his big hit "Small Town USA".