Just like in the Trace Atkins song, "Songs About Me," Countryfest 2014 headliner Jake Owen made a lifelong country fan out of a civilian just by inviting her to his show.

Jake and his personal trainer were hanging at the pool before his show last weekend at Mohegan Sun (the night before he came here for Countryfest) when they struck up a conversation with three cougars celebrating their 50th birthdays. Oooookkkkaaayyyy!

One of the cougars, Terri Smith, admitted she didn't like country music, so Jake tried to change her mind by giving her and her friends free tickets.

They said okay, and then during the show he checked to see if they were there. He said:

"Where's Terri?  I was eavesdropping at the pool today and overheard someone say they hated country music."

Not only did Terri and her friends show up, but they were invited to watch the rest of the show from his onstage tiki bar!

Afterwards, Terri was asked if her opinion changed. "Yes!  I am especially a fan of Jake Owen . . . a huge fan. It was a weekend we'll never forget!" she said.

People.com has pics of Jake and his cougar friends at the pool.

photo by Richie Phillips