As you may already know, Jake Owen is about to embark on an arena tour this year as a headliner and we were super lucky to get him to come to WGNA's Countryfest this year.

Last week, as details came out about the tour,  I told you about his on-stage Tiki Bar, where some concert goers will get to sit ON STAGE and enjoy some tropical island cocktails.

I have to tell you, most of you know how much I love Jake, not just his music but his pure love for performing and his fans. He truly is a genuine guy who is enjoying every bit of his success, but is also truly grateful for it as well.

A couple of nights ago the tour officially kicked off in South Dakota and Jake recorded a small video for his fans just before taking the stage.

I gotta tell you, I am super excited to finally get Jake to Countryfest. This is something I have been pushing for at least two years! The only downside to Jake is that if he's having a great time and the audience is pumped he may NEVER get off the stage! Let's hope we have one of those kind of shows!

Here is a quick teaser they put out for the "Days Of Gold" tour"

CAN'T WAIT! If for some reason you have NOT gotten your tickets yet, I would do that now... You don't want them to sell out on ya!